Stranger Inside - The Downfall of Clana

This is a video with a story that I created.

Clark saves Lana, and they get together. Then he dies, and when he returns from the dead to be with Lana, things aren't the same. His actions slowly but surely drive Lana into the arms of Lex.

* This is not a Lexana video. It simply shows why Lex was the end result and why things didn't work out overall.

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Song - Stranger Inside by Shinedown

Feedback is appreciated...

Just some Lex, Clark, Lois thoughts...

Thinking about that Principal Reynolds and how the show filtered in info about Lex's wild pre-Smallville days inspired thoughts about more possible Clark/Lois/Lex parallels and why the show isn't actually celebrating The Slacker as some contend. Is Smallville essentially the story of three misfits? Clark, Lex, and Lois have more in common than being the future epic Metropolis trio and having some domineering daddies. Smallville is a test- as a place, idea and state of mind - that they all fail spectacularly.
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Superman essay anthology

Hi all-- feel free to delete if too off topic, I just wanted to recommend a Superman related title the small press I'm working for recently published. It's titled The Man From Krypton, and it's a collection of scholarly (and humorous!) essays on Superman. One really good Smallville centric one is "God, Communism, and the WB", on religious and political symbolism in the show. You can check out full essay previews here:

Thanks for letting me intrude and hope you enjoy!

Lockdown thoughts

While Lana is more bearable this season, and while I was on her side through most of this episode and applauded her bravery in trying to get Lex help-- I had a few problems with her mindset with respect to *her* own secret-keeping.

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Buffy season 4 by thisisagraphicscomm

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Rambling thoughts for Fanatic.

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Overall I definitely enjoyed the episode :D And umm that's about it. I hope I did it right *g* And if anyone wants to discuss my post and disagree with any of it, please do :)
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Community Manifesto

Community Manifesto:

The primary purpose of the community is to engender multifaceted Smallville discussion, broach topics that are ordinarily not discussed in depth, or even just gab about the usual popular Smallville palette. This is an invitation to all to have some fun with Smallville discussion. There is a fantastic variety of opinion about the show, and here every point of view is welcome and encouraged. Diversity is fun and should be celebrated!

  • All are welcomed to post any opinion, as long as it pertains to the show.
  • You do not have to be a member to comment or interact with the community.
  • Every character and viewpoint should be taken seriously. However, discussion and disagreement is encouraged. Every opinion can and should be challenged and analyzed, but please respect your fellow posters and their opinions.
  • Whether it’s full-on squeeage or a chance to vent about an episode, post away! If you feel a particular topic is being overlooked or a view underrepresented, by all means, dive in. The more the merrier!
  • That said, you do not have to actually love the show to post or discuss. Watching it is quite useful though. ;)

The community will hopefully be largely self-regulating. At its core, it’s a community aiming to foster substantive examination of all aspects of the show from a wide variety of well-supported viewpoints.


If there are any questions, please feel free to ask! We tried to anticipate any questions or need for clarification, but if anything is unclear it’ll be clarified faster than a famished Clark on an apple pie.


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